Fourth station, Jesus meets his mother. Fresco

This is one of a series of sonnets on the (traditional) Stations of the Cross. There’s a bit more about the series in the first post, and a list of those so far published at the end.

IV. Jesus meets his mother – Mary’s misery

A sword was promised, now so long ago,
and barely remembered, lost in the joy
of motherhood, a forgotten shadow
now falls fell dark disfiguring my boy.

My child, my heart, how have you come to this?
Did I once rejoice in God my Saviour,
my song a psalm of praise for his justice?
Was it for this grief I lay in labour?

I remember those first steps. Faltering
you tottered your way to my love’s embrace.
Now I must watch, as lurching and stumbling,
you endure the mocking, pain and disgrace.

A mother’s love should shield her child from harms;
would I could still enfold you in my arms.

The series so far

I. Jesus is condemned to death (Pilate’s story)
II. Jesus takes up his cross (The centurion’s lot, part 1)
III. Jesus falls for the first time (The centurion’s lot, part 2).

By Doug

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