Ninth station, Jesus falls the third time

For today’s sonnet I have chose an anonymous disciple to be my voice. I’m now more confident of finishing this series before Good Friday than I was a few weeks ago. But as I hurry towards the end I’m conscious that the later ones need more revision.

IX. Jesus falls a third time (a disciple’s story)

Hiding myself in the back of the crowd,
I slink after him, ashamed of my fears.
Yet who of us would not find themselves cowed
by this volatile mob’s insults and jeers?

He slips again, his feet slickened with blood.
“O Lord, why can I not step out in aid
of you falling under weight of the wood?
Why do I keep back and look on dismayed?”

He rises once more and shoulders the beam,
the road now ending at this skull’s head hill,
his destiny. This fell dead end his dream:
he must death meet, and one the other kill.

I do not stay to watch his final hour,
I cannot bear to see death’s blossom flower.

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By Doug

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