Jesus is laid in the tomb

I reach the end of this series with the sonnet I feel is in most need of further work, but currently with no idea how to rewrite it. Perhaps further inspiration will come in time for a revision before next year!

XIV. Jesus is laid in the tomb (Joseph of Arimathea’s story)

Too late I found my courage to come out
and stand beside him. Now I take my place
beside his corpse. Quick, before I can doubt
myself, or him, I seek the governor’s grace.

I am a friend of Jesus, I mutter,
but friend of Caesar too. I come to crave
a boon. (Can he hear my fear?) I stutter
my one request: to offer him a grave.

His body handed over, Pilate’s gift
and hers, who bore him faithful in her womb,
we wrap him in myrrh and tear-soaked cloths, lift
and take life’s author lifeless to the tomb.

Our light extinguished, our hope laid to rest,
in darkness we wait and long to be blessed.

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By Doug

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