Jesus's body taken down and handed to his mother

I’m a bit late posting today, but here is the penultimate sonnet in my series of stations of the cross. I have decided to give today’s voice to Mary Magdalene, named in Matthew, Mark and John, and present by implication in Luke.

XIII. Jesus is taken down from the cross (Mary Magdalene’s story)

My love, what have they done to your fair face?
How they have bruised your limbs, bloodied your head!
My love, how could they not have seen your grace,
heard your word in their hearts, tasted your bread?

My love, you lie calm in your mother’s arms,
now battle ended, brave warrior rest.
Sleep now, my love, safe in her lap from harm,
once more your head gentled against her breast.

O mother mine, if I may call you so
for he whom you now cradle was brother
of outcast, sinner, stranger and by-blow,
your family of misfits, O my mother.

We women must go now and play our parts
burying him who has broken our hearts.

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By Doug

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