Second station of the cross: Jesus takes up his cross - a fresco

The second in the series I started yesterday (and that post has a little more information about the project). This is still in a draft to be revised in the future.

II. Jesus takes up his cross – the centurion’s lot (part one)

A late start to this day, the courtyard’s
low hum that heralds another long walk,
from life to death. He sways between his guards,
who cheerful bring a bloodied wooden baulk,

a rough-cut timber roped to arm and wrist
and tightly bound to a well-tendered back.
The journey now begins: he has a tryst
to keep, and I shall see he does not slack.

The man is strangely bowed, as if the weight
of wood were heavier than any beam
might be, as if he bore some other freight
entire, each struggling step a silent scream,

he lurches out, into the dusty street,
a final mile for bruised unlovely feet.

By Doug

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