The eighth station, Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

In today’s sonnet I’ve chosen to interpret the women of Jerusalem as professional (or at least semi-professional) mourners. There’s nothing in Luke’s text (23:27-31) that either demands this, or rules it out.

VIII. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

Grieving is all in a day’s work. Each death
needs its threnody, its ear-piercing wail.
For every funeral needs a final breath:
at this walk’s end the reaper will prevail.

We cry a prophecy, foretell his end,
before we have a body to inter.
He stops, and though he is the one condemned,
bids us bewail the oncoming winter.

We came to lament the taking of life,
but one life only. Now we go in fear
of far more, an untold terror, and strife
turning this promised land into our bier.

We came practiced in the arts of mourning;
we leave, our hearts undone by his warning.

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By Doug

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