Seventh station: Jesus falls for the second time

I’ve tried something different for the seventh station of the cross, and imagined a bystander in the crowd as the narrator, rather than one of the more obvious characters in the story.

VII. Jesus falls the second time – a bystander’s story.

I am not the thinking sort, some dusty,
desiccated philosopher talking
about the meaning of life in musty
Grecian halls. Not me. I enjoy sporting

contests, boxing matches, marathon thrills –
of which there’s precious few at Passover.
So when they said “let’s go and watch some kills”
I went laughing, cheering: not quite sober,

jeered with the crowd as he stumbled along,
joked with my mates as he fell to the ground.
Then lying there, he looked up at me, strong
with love and pity; and lost, I was found.

You still couldn’t call me a thinking sort,
but wrestling with truth has become my sport.

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By Doug

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