I’ve struggled a bit with this tenth sonnet for my stations of the cross. I’m not at all sure my experiment with the voice is quite working. Maybe I’ll come back to it next year.

X. Jesus is stripped of his garments (the soldier’s story)

I’m not that fond of Golgotha’s bare bones:
old abandoned rocks not quite good enough
for palace and temple: rejected stones
a site for dying outcast men. This rough

gallows can still provide the odd surprise.
Nice threads. He won’t be needing those no more,
we wouldn’t let him keep them anywise,
and one good wash gets rid of all that gore.

He needs to go naked up on that cross,
nothing left to own, naught to hide behind,
exposed to shame, so all can see his loss
unveiled to jest; inviting the unkind.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just my beat,
to take this man and make his body meat.

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By Doug

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