Reflection of the Selfridges building in puddles

After a long hiatus, I want to begin getting back to some regular blogging. It seems sensible to begin with one or two posts saying something about this blog. These will then be joined up for future reference on the currently empty “about “page.

This blog is intended to be a place where I can try out ideas. Back in the days when blogs were a more significant medium than they are now, and other social media were in their infancy, I used to value the opportunity to interact via a couple of now long defunct blogs. There’s something about the way I am that makes thinking out loud my preferred way of working out what I think I mean. And for me that means something a little more long-form and structured than a Twitter thread.

This is simply my space to think out loud in, while inviting you to join me in conversations you find interesting. You may have to wait for a response: I neither can spend all my time online, nor do I believe it’s good for my sanity, nor, indeed, for most other people’s if the welter of angst, wilful and inadvertent misinterpretation, and all round-shoutiness of X (the medium formerly known as Twitter) is taken into consideration.

All opinions expressed are mine and mine only (none should be attributed to anyone I work with or for). Most views expressed will be works in progress, on which I might well change my mind or develop my line of thought, rather than tidily finished articles, far less hills on which I want to die. I welcome comment and conversation to help me develop them.

Comments, however, are items published on a blog which is – effectively – my private plot of online real estate, not a public space where I am obliged to let any passing troll eat whatever goat they fancy. Deciding not to publish rude, offensive, irrelevant or ad hominem comments is not a suppression of anyone’s freedom of speech. It’s merely saying this house has its own rules. The world of social media is not exactly short of spaces where people can and do say whatever they want.

There’s something good about starting afresh, and in subsequent posts I will explore my choices of title and subtitle for this blog.

(The featured image for this post is reflections of the Selfridges building in Birmingham’s Bullring Centre, in puddles on a blue floor.)

By Doug

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    1. To be honest, I didn’t think about it – probably because everyone I read on substack seems to be asking me if I’ll pay to read everything they write, or just want to read a few pieces for free.

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