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I’ve been involved in writing some new Advent wreath prayers this year, linking some of our key diocesan priorities to the main themes of the wreath, so that they are seen as part of our rhythms of praying, and not simply managerial targets. In addition I slightly rejigged a song for the Advent wreath that I wrote a few years back. It goes to Personent Hodie, and these are the lyrics.

Take this light, let it shine:
Abram blest, Israel’s line,
called by love, all divine,
making God’s new nation,
sharing God’s salvation.

Shine, O candles, shine,
burn with love divine,
to the night, comes the light
of the Father’s glory.

Take this flame, let it burn:
prophets called: “Hatred spurn,
serve the Lord, to God turn:
God will love and pardon,
bear away your burden.”

Take this wick, let it glow
for the one come to show
way of God, Christ to know:
baptised in the river,
new life to deliver.

Take this spark, let it blaze,
angel’s call, she amazed,
now says yes, God be praised:
in the womb of woman,
God the word is human.

Take this fire, let it flame,
God is born in our frame,
word made flesh we acclaim,
love’s new dawn is breaking,
new the world is making.

Each Saturday evening we are releasing a video recording of the Sunday’s prayer and verse, sung by Worcester Cathedral Youth Choir, which you will find on the diocesan Facebook page.

On this blog, I hope to post a haiku for each day of Advent, linked in some way, be it ever so tangentially, to the gospel reading for mass.

By Doug

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  1. Great way to keep in touch as we start Advent. Barbara and I are also re-visiting Rodney Holder’s book “Longing, Waiting, Believing” as part of our Advent discipline each morning.

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